Software, Firmware & Documentation

State of the art software development with IETM Class documentation

Software & Firmware Development

PPP excels in software and firmware development with its in house team of highly trained engineers and software developers. All PPP manufactured products contain software and firmware developed in house. With a state of the art test setup and licensed debugging tools available, development of software and firmware can be provided for third party solutions as per requirement.

Key features

  • Licensed tools for development, debugging and production
  • ISO standard followed for development of software
  • Attestation from licensed software testers (optional)
  • Firmware development for Microchip, Freescale and ARM based MCUs/Processors
  • Software (GUI) development in C++, Java and Visual Studio for Windows and Linux, as required, with optional compatibility for Touch Enabled devices
  • Extensively tested for memory leaks, warnings and errors
  • Final product optimized for performance and data logging (if available)
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Windows and Linux

Documentation Development

With major military organizations adopting to the IETM standard for interactive documents, PPP excels at developing documentation up to IETM Class V, along with standard documentation as required.

Key features

  • Licensed documentation software for development
  • Standardized documentation with hyperlinked Index, List of Figures, Tables, etc.
  • Interactive Documents up to IETM Class V, with extensive interaction for the user, including multimedia
  • Complete set of 2D drawings as per requirement
  • Complete set of 3D drawings as per requirement
  • All documents can be viewed/interacted without the need of proprietary software
  • XML and DITA 1.3 compliant
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