Devices that monitor batteries, motor health, water level and gases

Motor Protection Unit

The MPU monitors the health of a 3-Phase induction motor. Designed for monitoring, it provides 12 integrated protective functions, metering and data-logging for fixed and variable frequency applications.

Key features

  • Continuous monitoring of running motor
  • Measures critical parameters
  • Voltage Monitoring (VRy, VYb, VBr)
  • Current Monitoring (Ir, Iy, Ib)
  • Motor Temperature Monitoring (5 Channels)
  • Monitors Number of Starts from a settable point
  • Additional Data Monitored - Operating time since power ON, Running time of the Motor
  • Includes 20x4 backlit LCD to display parameters monitored, alongwith programming keys
  • Data Logging - Date/Time of event, Event type, Fault Cause, Trip/Alarm Setting
  • Customizable as per customer requirement

Multipurpose Sensor

Multipurpose sensors can house various inputs to monitor a myriad of systems/devices/equipment. They are hermetically sealed devices that are individually powered and can be mounted or be free standing as required.

Key features

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Up to 16 inputs
  • +24V DC power
  • Easy replacement/reparability
  • RS-485 communication for interfacing with other systems/equipment
  • LED indications (Optional)
  • Can be daisy chained with other similar sensors
  • Microcontroller based

Battery Sensor

Battery Sensors are devices that monitor the Voltage, Temperature and Electrolyte level of the battery/cell. With a battery management software, data can be extracted from the sensor to view, log or modify, as per the requirement.

Key features

  • Voltage measurement from 1.5V - 3.0V with 0.001V Resolution and ±0.002V Accuracy
  • Temperature measurement from 0 - 100°C with 0.1°C Resolution and ±1°C Accuracy
  • Electrolyte Level measurement from -50 to +50mm with 1mm Resolution and ±5mm Accuracy
  • LED indicators on top of device for one-glance monitoring
  • Acid Proof Casing
  • Adapter casing for retro fit with various types of batteries/cells
  • Wired and Wireless options available
  • IP-54 certified
  • Ingress Protection as per IS/IEC 60529:2001
  • EMI/EMC MIL-STD-461E Certified
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