Load Banks

Load Banks
Load Banks develop an electrical load for electrical power sources, and convert or dissipate the resultant power output. They include load elements with protection, control and metering as required for operation, and are used for testing power sources such as generators and batteries.

Key features

  • AC,DC, Resistive ,Inductice Loading with Protections.
  • Upto 2.4MVA Capacity for AC Loading
  • Upto 650KW for DC Loading
  • Resistive and Inductive Loading for AC
  • Voltage, Current, Frequency, Temperature, Power, Power Factor monitoring
  • Fault and Load Failure detection with audio and visual alarms
  • Operation in both Auto or Manual mode
  • Touch screen interface for Load selection (Auto Mode only)
  • Built in Self Test for all hardware of the system
  • Military grade hardware
  • Remote debugging over serial interface
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