Monitoring & Management Systems

Monitoring & Management Systems
The PPP developed Battery Monitoring System provides the user an automated system to monitor the cell voltage, cell temperature, electrolyte level and health of a battery.

Key features

  • Voltage, Temperature and Level Monitoring of up to 528 cells.
  • Voltage monitoring from 1.5 - 3.5V with 0.001V resolution and ±0.002V accuracy
  • Temperature monitoring from 0 - 100°C with 0.1°C resolution and ±1°C accuracy
  • Level monitoring from -25mm to +25mm with 1mm resolution and ±5mm accuracy
  • Sick Cell Calculation based on voltage, temprature or pilot cells.
  • Residual Capacity calculation
  • Battery Endurance calculation
  • Upto 16 different alarms, with audio and visual aid
  • Built in Self Test for all hardware for the system
  • Data logging for upto 6 years
  • Military grade hardware
  • Touch screen interface with touch friendly UI, with optional keyboard and mouse support
  • Wireless option available
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